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Frequently Asked Questions

◊ How do I submit my work to Montage?

Shoot us an email us at!

◊ Do you have any on-campus events?

Feel free to check out our page labeled “Upcoming Events” on the left panel of your screen. If you have any other ideas for events you would like to see us put on, shoot us an email at, or DM us on Instagram @ec_montage.

◊ I didn’t attend Montage by Moonlight, can I still get a physical copy of the magazine?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot. In the interest of saving trees (and money) we have begun to only print a select number of magazines to give out to the people who come to our event. However, we are working on uploading all previous editions of Montage Magazine to our website, where you can look at and read all selections whenever you want!

◊ How many magazines do you produce every year?

For the first time, we have decided to publish TWO editions of Montage Magazine. We will have a fall edition sometime in November (exact dates coming later), and our traditional spring publication in April.