March Feature: “Naming” by Chanlin McGuire

he is Adam
the first and the last, by birth and by consumption
he inherits sin and perishing, curse and woe from his great grands
but eats fruit from Life Trees, soda crackers and Welch’s,
and the purest of intentions combined with new trust washes
his hands. he is fallen; you can see it in his eyes,
green like Life Tree leaves, low like the heads of broken cattle
they lift only for sustenance
from his Breaker

he is David
small but mighty, sure in his steps
no one believes that this boy can destroy
his giant and ours, or lead a nation; not even he can see
that he and his Ibanez will help us all survive
the storm under Saul, the one we wanted.
he needs no weapon; the flesh of a bear
and the teeth of a lion still salt the strings
of the harp that he strikes,
and he sings
for his Maker